How can I avoid getting a fungal nail infection from other people? 

A common place for a fungal nail infection to spread are public swimming pools, showers, changing rooms, spas etc, where it’s warm and damp underfoot. Always make a point of wearing flipflops/ pool slippers in these situations, so that you can keep your feet clear of the damp environment where the fungus thrives. Avoid sharing towels or footwear, especially trainers. 


Can my choice of footwear affect whether I get a fungal nail infection? 

Wearing socks made of natural fibres (100% cotton) and leather shoes will allow your feet to ‘breathe’ and thus reduce the build-up of moisture that the fungi love. Try to alternate footwear day by day as fungal spores can live for a long time in shoes. The golden rule is to always keep your feet as fresh and dry as possible. If you do get your socks and shoes damp, change out of them as soon as possible and dry your feet thoroughly. 


What can I do to prevent a fungal nail infection from spreading? 

Treat a fungal nail infection as soon as possible to prevent the infection spreading and always dry your feet thoroughly, taking care to dry between your toes. Always wash your hands after treating an infected nail, sterilize any tools you use to treat your feet, by immersing the tools in boiling water or wiping with a disinfectant cloth, and avoid using nail polish or false nails during treatment.