Scholl Verruca Removal Plaster

Scholl Medicated Verruca Removal System

Product Features

  • Medicated Plasters
  • Cushioning pad provides pain and pressure relief
  • Helps protect surrounding healthy skin
  • It uses a dermatologically tested adhesive
  • Provides pain and pressure relief

Product Pack Contents: 6 EA

Salicylic Acid

This product is not suitable for use by children under 16 years of age

Not to be used by diabetics or in cases of severe circulatory disorders, except after a doctor's permission and recommendation. Do not use if you are sensitive to aspirin or any of the ingredients. Avoid taking any medicines during pregnancy and lactation unless prescribed by your doctor. Do not use on babies under four weeks of age. Do not apply if the area around the verruca is inflamed or broken and do not apply to normal skin. Do not use on moles, birthmarks, warts with hair, genital warts, facial warts or mucous membranes.

Product Code: 05000288309005