GelActiv™ Insoles for her

GelActiv™ Insoles

for all your favourite shoes

Fits all your favourite shoes

No two shoes are alike. And since you have so many of them, there’s a comfortable solution for every one of your favourite shoes, whether flat, open or high.



flat shoes

The right insole for the narrow style flat shoes like ballerinas. This insole has an extra cushioning design and provides shock absorption under the heels. It stays firmly in place and won’t crowd your toes.



everyday heels

For everyday shoes with small heels up to 8 cm, this insole is the right choice. With its soft gel and extra arch support, you will feel light- footed all day long. The cushioning is focused on the ball and arch of the foot, for a comfy feel.



open shoes

Especially in open high heels the insoles need to be invisible. Therefore our insoles for open shoes are transparent and extra slim. The ultra-thin design prevents the toes from getting squashed.



extreme heels

The design of our extreme heel insoles is focused on a firm positioning of the foot and a comfy feel. Grippy material and little pimples on the insole’s surface prevent feet from slipping. The ultra-soft gel material relieves pressure from the ball of the foot. For heels higher than 8 cm.



Directions for use

New Gel Activ insoles for extreme heels fit into every shoe - no cutting is required. Just remove the protective film and stick the insole into the footbed. The insoles are made of grippy material with little pimples, preventing feet from slipping.


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Foot relaxation - tips and exercises

The following are useful foot relaxation tips and exercises. Especially after a tough day of walking on high heels your feet will be grateful for some pampering.

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High Heel Myths

There are many persistent myths surrounding high heels. We had a closer look at some of the most famous high heel myths and proved them true or false.

New High Heels are Always Painful!

That's Right!

When buying high heels, women primarily think about the look but after a short while their feet start to hurt. The most beautiful ones are often the most painful at the same time. The balls and heels of the feet are typically the centres of pain. With insoles and heel strips it is possible to make the first steps on new heels more comfortable.

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If you read all of our stories and advice, you will hopefully know everything there is to know about high heels, feet and our products. However, if you still have a question or two, don’t hesitate to browse our FAQs. View all our FAQs

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