Tips to Help Soothe Tired, Overworked Feet

    Tips to Help Soothe Tired, Overworked Feet

    02 Apr 2020

    Overdone walking or running, or just spent too much time on your feet lately? Most people will experience achy feet at some point, which not only affects how you move, but can also affect your mood and can lead to more serious foot issues further down the line.

    Tips to Help Soothe Tired, Overworked Feet

    Tips to help soothe tired, overworked feet

    Spent too much time on your feet lately? Overdone your running? Taken walking too far? Most of us will suffer achy feet at some point and it not only affects you physically but can also affect your mood. If feet are neglected it can also lead to more serious issues further down the road. 2,

    What are tired feet?

    Tired, aching legs or feet can affect anyone but are more likely to occur in people with flat or high-arched feet. People who regularly suffer from tired feet can have a poorer quality of life as their ability to move is restricted by discomfort and soreness. 2

    Are tired feet a lifestyle or genetic issue?

    Flat feet occur when the arch of your foot doesn’t form properly at a young age and is often inherited from your parents.2 Sore heels can develop from the overuse or overstretching of the plantar fascia – the ligament that runs under the foot from the heel to the toes. However, it’s not just your parents who could be to blame.2 Making bad footwear choices or being overweight can also lead to tired feet. 2

    What causes feet to feel tired?

    Apart from genetics, other causes of tired feet include:

    • Badly fitting footwear
    • Being overweight
    • Being middle-aged, older or having other medical conditions
    • Being sporty.

    Top tips for smoothing tired feet

    Here are a few ways you can give those tired feet a rest:

    • Wearing well-fitted, supportive shoes.
    • Add tailor-made insoles to your shoes for comfort, cushioned support.
    • If you’re overweight, losing weight helps.
    • Regular, gentle plantar fascia stretches can offer some relief. Here’s how: circle your ankles, hold your feet with both hands and bend your heel out. Also, stand on a step and dip and lift your heels over the edge. Repeat several times.

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