Scholl’s Light Legs Compression Tights: All You Need to Know

    Scholl’s Light Legs Compression Tights: All You Need to Know

    02 Apr 2020

    FAQs for Light Legs™ Compression Tights

    Scholl’s Light Legs Compression Tights: All You Need to Know

    How do compression tights work?

    If you’re tired of having aching legs and need a pair of tights that help prevent tired and achy legs, Scholl Light Legs™ compression tights can help. Our compression hosiery is designed to help prevent tired-feeling legs from morning to evening - and make legs look toned and beautiful. So, how do they work and what are the health benefits of wearing them?

    Light Legs™ don’t just make you feel good, they also enhance the way your legs look. Still, deciding if compression tights are for you? Read our Light Legs™ Compression Tights 101 guide below.

    What are compression tights?

    If you sit or stand for too long, whether that’s at work or on a long-haul flight, the lack of movement in your legs can cause blood to pool around your ankles instead of circulating around your body.1 Compression hosiery is designed to apply pressure to the veins and muscles in your lower legs, with the pressure gradually lowering as it goes up the leg. 1

    Our Fibre Firm™ technology provides gradual compression from the ankle all the way up the leg (10 mmHg at the ankle, 5 mmHg at the calf and 3.5 mmHg at the thigh). This constant pressure supports the movement of your calf muscle and the veins and valves within, which encourages blood flow and circulation to other parts of the body, reducing any swelling and pain in your lower legs 1

    Why wear light legs™ compression tights?

    Anyone spending prolonged periods of sitting or standing can experience discomfort in their legs and ankles. 1 Scholl Light Legs™ compression tights have been designed using a 3D knit structure to make them comfortable to wear, so legs feel re-energized and lighter. The tighter fit offers extra support to make your legs look and feel more toned, while ‘Ladder Lock technology’ makes them less prone to runs, and longer-lasting wash after wash. In fact, the 60 Denier tights last up to 100 washes and the 20 Denier up to 50 washes. Wear them as you often as you need to get that light legs feeling.

    Find your style

    Offering both black and nude styles, our compression tights are suitable for every season and all outfits. When it comes to warmer weather, our nude styles in lower denier or 20 are perfect for boosting circulation and making legs look more toned.

    Find your size

    Choosing the right size is just as important as finding the right style, as it can impact the feel and look of your tights. Compression tights need to apply enough pressure to help prevent against tired achy legs, but not be so tight that they create discomfort.1 Look at our size guide below to ensure you’re buying the right size for you.

    Light Legs™ tights are currently available in opaque black 60 Denier and two sheer 20 Denier variants in nude and black. All Light Legs™ Tights are available in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL.

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