Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights: Why You Should Be Wearing Them

    Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights: Why You Should Be Wearing Them

    02 Apr 2020

    An article explaining the top 5 benefits of Light Legs compression tights in everyday life

    Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights: Why You Should Be Wearing Them-Scholl 

    Five reasons to wear compression tights

    Compression tights aren’t just for long-haul flights. You can wear them every day to help lighten the load on your legs. We’ve listed five benefits of wearing Scholl Light Legs™ compression hosiery to improve how you feel - and look.

    1. Improve circulation

    You shouldn’t have to endure leg discomfort and poor circulation - whether that’s due to health reasons, long-haul flights, or even lifestyle choices. Wearing gentle compression tights like Scholl Light Legs tights can help blood circulation in the legs, allowing your blood to flow more freely and provide your body to get the essential nutrients it needs. They’re also so comfortable and stylish you may not want to take them off.

    2. Comfortable fit

    If you spend a lot of your day sitting down or on your feet, Scholl Light Legs™ offers some welcome relief to heavy or restless legs. Fibre Firm™ Technology in the tights improves blood circulation to re-energize legs throughout the day, while the 3D knit structure makes them so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

    3. Ultimate style

    Light Legs Tights™ have a tighter, contoured fit that offers comfort and support without compromising on style. Designed to tone and smooth legs, they come in black 60 and 20 denier as well as nude in 20 deniers. Just choose the right Scholl Light Legs™ to match your style and mood.

    4. Reinvigorate legs

    Spending hours on a long-haul flight with no leg room, being stuck behind a desk, or being trapped in the car for hours on end can leave your legs feeling weighed down, stiff and tired. 2 Fibre Firm™ Technology applies gentle pressure to stimulate blood flow throughout the entire leg to promote healthy and comfortable legs and feet.

    5. Durable tights that don’t tear or fade

    Scholl Light Legs™ compression tights add substance to style. Unlike many tights, that deteriorate after a few washes, the Light Legs 20 Denier range can last up to 50 washes. The 60 Denier can last up to 100 washes without tearing or fading so you can experience the benefits for longer.

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