Walking on Clouds: Tips for maximum foot comfort


For people suffering from heel discomfort there are a few things you can do to minimise it, while maximising comfort. Many people accept the ache they feel, and the tiredness they experience at the end of the day, thinking it a normal part of daily life, without experiencing the relief that a proper insole can give in providing support throughout the day.

Tip One: Think of Trying Insoles

Scholl’s GelActiv™ insoles come in three distinct varieties: Everyday, Sport and Work, for whichever activity you’re engaged with. While insoles are both for men and women, the different models cater to different sizes. Here’s a breakdown of the three varieties, and how they could help you:

    1. Everyday – These insoles are great all-rounders, suitable for casual footwear. They are designed to reduce excessive pressure, and the softer gel cushions the feet, acting as a shock absorber. Anyone who experiences tired legs at the end of a long day, after a long walking commute, or during long shopping or sightseeing trips, could benefit from soft everyday insoles.
    2. Sport – Specifically designed for physical activities, from the gym to the park, from hiking to jogging, and many more sports besides. Insoles work in trainers, pumps and more. Sports can put an extra strain on joints such as ankles and knees, as well as your feet. The gel cushioning is there to minimize this strain, helping your joints stay ready without discomfort. Arch support also reduces the likelihood of twisting and will give you stable support, as well as reduced stress.
    3. Work – insoles for more formal work shoes, or casual wear. If you work in construction, catering or even in crafts, for people who spend much of their day standing, work insoles help reduce excessive stress from standing and walking, through soft gel cushioning, especially over uneven terrain. Their design is made to prevent excessive stress. Perforation of the insole also helps keep your feet dry. Insoles will not only provide more comfort, and more support for your arches, they will also absorb shock that your feet may experience while walking or running. Those end-of-day feet could feel that much more relaxed with the support of insoles. Insoles could help you take the pressure away, which also leads us to…


Tip Two: Consider what you wear

One way to ensure comfort is to consider the shoes you wear. While boots might be heavy, they do offer a lot of support, which is something of a trade-off. For thin soled shoes such as flats or sandals, you aren’t given much support, which can affect your feet, especially the arches. Insoles could benefit you here too.

Also, for the sake of comfort for skin, try to rotate the shoes you wear daily, and try not to wear the same pair of shoes for more than two days in a row. This will allow the toes and other parts of the shoe to dry out, and you won’t be wearing increasingly damp shoes that could affect your feet.